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: $250 :
Description: A fabulous pair of boots for a small child. Made of smooth black leather with a section of cross–hatched inscribed leather at the top front of each boot. There is a copper toe–cap on each toe and the leather pull–on straps are still attached. Well made boots.
The boots measure six inches in length and are seven and three quarters inches high. Soles are pegged, have no right or left, and have a size mark of "7".

Condition: Very, very good condition except that one boot has a clean, straight 1¾" cut in the leather on the instep (see photos). One of the leather pull–up straps on each boot is split at the top where it loops back on itself.


: $45 :
Description: A small black velvet jacket for a toddler. Hand–sewn with machine sewing on the outside trim only. Eighteen round white–metal buttons down the front which are decorative, as there is no visible means of closing the jacket (was probably pinned). There are four edged slits in the back of the jacket which would allow the jacket to lay over a 'full' skirt. The trim is of a black silk material. The fabric for this jacket may have been rescued from another garment, as there are several seams where the fabric has been 'pieced together'.
The jacket measures 13 and ½ inches in length in the back. Sleeves are 8½ inches long measured at the underseam.

Condition: Good condition. The inside lining of tan cotton has been cut away, leaving remnants of the lining fabric in the seams.


: $180 :
Description: An exquisite turn-of-the-century example of the most delicate hand–sewing, this dress has it all—tiny tucks, lace and embroidery. The work on this dress is fantastic. Overall length is 23 inches.
Bodice: Slightly high–waisted with alternating rows of lace and embroidered trim around the neck opening. Long full sleeves with cuffs of lace and embroidered trim. Front panel has three rows of vertical tucks and a row of hand embroidery on each side of an insert of tiny, tiny tucks, lace, and embroidered strips. Bodice closes in the back with one tiny mother–of–pearl button at the top, and three sets of buttonholes in which ribbons were probably tied through to close the bodice. Each side of the back of the bodice has 21 tiny hand–sewn vertical tucks running full length. Piping at armseye. Bodice is 6½ long from top of shoulder to waist.

Skirt: 16¼" long with a circumference of 60 inches. Ten rows of tiny hand–sewn tucks decorate the skirt along with two rows of hand embroidery.

Condition: There is a tiny 1/16 inch pinhole in the back of the skirt and a small 'laundry mark' just below the first button hole in the back. This dress is in fabulous condition.

(c. 1860s)

: SOLD :
Description: A pair of high–top brown leather shoes with great character. No right or left. Nice scalloped tops. Five holes for lacing on each side of front opening. Additional double–stitched seam goes down beside the back seam then horizontally across the ankle on one side of each shoe. Unlined and made without tongues. Copper toe–caps protect the toe of each shoe. The toe–cap is worn, but Patent Date appears to be 1859. Shoes are 5¼" long and 4½" high at highest point.

Condition: One shoe has a big 'bite' out of the leather in front at the bottom of the opening and several ragged spots higher along the opening, as well as the back seam being open at the top for about an inch—this has to have been the shoe the dog loved. The other shoe is in good condition, the leather on both shoes being slightly dried, but still pliable. Both have a wonderful aged feel to them and they are charming.

(c. 1860s)

: SOLD :
Description: A pair of child's black textured–leather high–top shoes. Six holes for lacing on each side of opening. White metal grommets in each hole with the bottom hole having a ¼" wide brass strip under the grommet that continues across the bottom of the opening to the other side. Seam with welt down the back. Another seam runs down the back off to one side of the back seam to the ankle where it turns sharply horizontal over the ankle to the front opening. Shoes are lined with linen. Copper toe–cap says "PAT. NOV 29, 1859".

Condition: There is a missing grommet on one shoe and a small ¼". cut in the leather between the missing grommet and the front opening. This is not noticeable in displaying the shoes. Shoes are in very good condition and appear to have never been worn. It is possible that they are salesman's samples, but I believe they are child's shoes.

(c. 1850s)

: $190 :
Description: A child's pair of black leather shoes from South Carolina. These shoes were most likely made by a local cobbler and are charming in their unsophisticated manufacture. No rights or lefts. Four holes for laces on each side of opening. No seam in back. Linen linings. Shoes measure 6½ inches long.

Condition: Leather is soft and pliable. There is a small amount of wear on the lower backs of each shoe and the sole of one shoe has a one inch long line where the leather had started to split. This is minor and not very noticeable. Otherwise shoes are in very good condition.

(mid–19th century)

: $125 :
Description: A pair of tiny, tiny, tan leather gloves. These are only four inches long and are the tiniest gloves I have seen. Very fine thin leather, all hand sewn. Closure at wrist with a small brass stud with the letter "B" embossed on it that 'catches' on one of two tiny brass balls on other side of wrist opening. There is a small linen square sewn under the brass closures for strength.

Condition: Some light soiling and scratches from use. Otherwise in very good condition.

(c. 1828–1840's)

: SOLD :
Description: Delicate white cotton, all hand–sewn. Mid–high waist. Embroidered edging on sleeve openings. 1 1/8" wide embroidered white–work waistband. Ties at back opening with cotton tapes at top & bottom of bodice. 8" from shoulder to bottom of waist, and a 26½" long skirt. 75" in circumference.

Condition: excellent.

(c. 1840/50s)

: $325 :
Description: Beautiful sheer white cotton with light blue designs overall. All hand–stitched. Piping in armscye, around waist, and at top of second row of ruffles on sleeves. Wonderful hand–made lace 1" wide on edges of two rows of ruffles on each sleeve. Bodice lined in fine white linen. Fastens in the back with brass hooks and eyes. Several rows of tight gathers 5" wide in front of bodice at waist. Measures 33" from top of shoulder near neck to bottom of skirt. Circumference of skirt is 124".

Condition: There are two very small rust stains about a quarter inch wide on skirt. Otherwise, condition of this gorgeous early child's dress is excellent.

(c. 1860)

: $210 :
Description: Child's all hand–stitched lightweight cotton dress with hand–embroidered white–work sleeves. Neck opening is gathered over white tape that ties in back. Waist is gathered over two rows of tapes that tie indside back at opening. Back closes with three small mother–of–pearl buttons. Dress is 24½" long from top of shoulder to bottom. Skirt is 73" in circumference.

Condition: This is a cute and classic example of a child's dress of the period that is in absolutely mint condition and was probably never worn.

(c. 1860s)

: $205 :
Description: A hand–sewn child's dress of white cotton with tiny red polka–dots. A ½" wide band of cotton trim with red and green flowers and black polka–dots is around the waist, neck opening, sleeve edges and around the skirt near the bottom. The dress closes in the back with four glass buttons. Measures 21–" long from top of shoulder near neck. Waist is 19" and skirt circumference is 98".

Condition: On the skirt you can see where one growth tuck has been let out and there two very small 1/8" holes in the side of the skirt (not at all noticeable), otherwise in very good condition.

(c. 1860's)

: $205 :
Description: Charming little pink dress with white polka–dots. All hand–sewn. Bodice front & back is gathered fabric. Short 'baby doll' sleeves and very full skirt. 22½" waist, 11¾" from top of skirt to bottom, and skirt is 78" in circumference. Back closes with 3 mother–of–pearl buttons, one at top and 2 on waistband.

Condition: One mend in front of skirt, otherwise in very good condition.

(c. 1865–75)

: $190 :
Description: A hand–sewn dress of white cotton, trimmed with pink cotton triangles sewn onto the cuffs of the sleeves and the bottom of the skirt. Piping in armscyes. The full sleeves measure 5¼ inches wide at the elbow and 3¼ inches at the wrist. A narrow row of lace is around the neck opening. The full length back opening closes with ten mother–of –pearl buttons. The dress is 21 inches long from top of shoulder near neck opening. Circumference at bottom is a generous 65".

Condition: A cute dress in excellent condition.

(c. 1860–70s)

: $225 :
Description: A beautiful infant's dress with a triangular placket on front of the bodice with numerous rows of tiny tucks and white–work inserts. The short sleeves have six rows of tucks and are trimmed in white–work edging. Dress closes in back with narrow cotton tape ties at the top and at bottom of the bodice. Dress measures 37 inches long over all and the circumference of the skirt is 70 inches.

Condition: There is one very small ¼ inch hole in the front of the skirt, otherwise the dress is in very good condition.

(Mid–19th c.)

: $55 :
Description: Charming white cotton drawers. Bottom of each leg has 2 tucks (plus indication that 2 tucks had already been let out). A 1¼" wide band of pulled trim and scalloped white–work edging. Opens on each side at waist with 6 button–holes to attach to shirt or chemise. 1" wide waistband, 14" from waistband to bottom of leg and 27" wide from outside tip of one leg across to outside tip of other leg at bottom when laid flat.

Condition: Excellent

(c. 1860–90)

: $225 :
Description: A boys cap made of a checkered blue and white wool with a black leather strap across the front over a black leather visor. The visor is lined underneath with dark green leather, and there is a painted black button on each side of the strap. The 1½ inch wide band which forms the sides of the cap is of brown and black woven threads (horsehair?), almost like braid. Cap has a 7/8 inch wide brown leather sweatband and is lined in black glazed cotton, with a gold stamped makers label in the center of the crown. The makers label is a wide scroll with the script capitol letters CRC, with a star above and an eagle on each side of the star. At bottom is a scroll that says "warrented".

Condition: There is some light damage to the finish in one area of the leather visor, and a tear in the leather sweatband, otherwise this delightful cap is in very good condition.

(c. 1830–60)

: $220 :
Description: A darling pair of very early child's shoes made of red morocco in the back half and soft black leather in the front half. These little shoes fasten with an early small flat round brass (one–piece) button, stamped with a flower design. They are edged around the top and opening with red ribbon, and are lined with linen. Made with straight lasts, no rights or lefts. The toes are gently rounded. There are not vertical seams in the heels. There are short 'cuts' in the black leather running down from the top opening. These 'cuts' do not appear to be tears from pressure on the opening, but rather seem to have been purposefully put there to allow the foot to enter more easily. The leather is cut very clean and the lining below is also cleanly cut in the same spot, not torn. The shoes measure 4¾" long and are 2" high at the front top.

Condition: Children's shoes this early are rare and hard to find, and these are wonderful examples in very good condition.

(second half 19th c.)

: $75 :
Description: A hand–sewn pair of children's drawer with a separate under–bodice top. The top closes in back with four glass buttons, and has four large bone buttons (one on each side, one in front, and one in back), that button onto the waistband of the drawers. Drawers are 14 inches long from bottom of waistband. Legs of drawers are edged with one inch wide lace. Top measures ten and ½ inches from top of the strap to bottom edge.

Condition: very good.

(late 19th c.)

: $25 :
Description: A small pair of children's stockings that may be of a wool-cotton mix, as they feel too rough to be of all cotton. A small triangle at the heel and a small circle at the toe are of light beige silk. Stockings measure 9 inches long from bottom of heel to top. Foot is 4 inches long.

Condition: There are several small holes near one toe and each stocking has a horizontal mend across the very top in front. I have to wonder if this wasn't damage from attaching the stockings to another garment at that point, to help keep them up.

(c. 1850–60s)

: $70 :
Description: An adorable hand-sewn and very full child's petticoat that is evenly gathered around the waistband. The waistband has five buttonholes around it to allow it to be attached to the child's other undergarments for support. Near the lower edge are three rows of ¾ inch wide tucks. The bottom is edged with a ¼ inch wide trim. The petticoat is 10½ inches long from bottom of waistband. The waist is 22 inches. The circumference of this very full petticoat is 70 inches.

Condition: very good.

(c. 1860–65)

: SOLD :
Description: A charming young ladies hoop with two cotton shoulder straps to help hold it up. There are 20 steel hoops. The hoop measures 30 inches long from bottom of waistband, and is 45 inches long including the shoulder straps. The diameter across the bottom is 23 inches.

Condition: There is some fraying and wear of the cotton covering the hoops and some age discoloration to the fabric, otherwise this charming hoop is in good condition.
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