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: $250 :
Description: A fabulous pair of boots for a small child. Made of smooth black leather with a section of cross–hatched inscribed leather at the top front of each boot. There is a copper toe–cap on each toe and the leather pull–on straps are still attached. Well made boots.
The boots measure six inches in length and are seven and three quarters inches high. Soles are pegged, have no right or left, and have a size mark of "7".

Condition: Very, very good condition except that one boot has a clean, straight 1¾" cut in the leather on the instep (see photos). One of the leather pull–up straps on each boot is split at the top where it loops back on itself.

(c. 1860–70s)

: $275 :
Description: A pair of ladies boot style shoes of very soft black leather that appear to have never been worn.

Shoes measure 9½ inches long and are 6¾ inches high in the back and 7¾ inches high in the front. The heel is 1¼ inches high. Pieces of the original shoe laces are still with the shoes (not shown in photos).

Condition: Very good to excellent condition, with the exception of the area around the ankle of one of the shoes, which has some very light crackling or flaking to the surface finish of the leather—noticeable only upon close inspection.

(c. 1830–40s)

: SOLD :
Description: A pair of soft cream–colored leather shoes with a silk bow on the front of each. No right or left. Lined in linen. Has seam at back and on each side. The delicate elastic cords that secure shoes to foot are still intact. Label says "Smith & Brother, wholesale and retail dealers in boots, shoes…no.144…opposite…Wo…" (I believe it said Wochester, Mass, but part of the label is missing).

Condition: Shoes have light staining and dirt from wear, and inside bottom leather lining on one shoe has several holes in the lining only. Silk bows are fragile and not complete. One shoe has one of the elastic cords detached, although it is still with the shoe.

(c. 1830–40)

: SOLD :
Description: A pair of very delicate and soft cream–colored leather shoes. No right or left. Lined in very fine linen. Label on inside bottom of one shoe says "J.W. McCurdy & Sons, Makers, 111 Chestnut Street, Phila." Seam at back of heel, and sloping seam on sides. Shoes measure 9 inches long. A good pair for starting a collection.

Condition: Pinhole marks on top front of shoes indicate that there was once trim (a ribbon?) on front. Light soiling from wear. One shoe has an area on the side of the front where there is some light spotty damage to the surface of the leather. The ribbon edging around the opening has areas of fraying and damage. The upper right corner of the label is missing and the narrow elastic cords (for securing shoes to foot) are no longer there.

(c. 1860s)

: SOLD :
Description: A pair of high–top brown leather shoes with great character. No right or left. Nice scalloped tops. Five holes for lacing on each side of front opening. Additional double–stitched seam goes down beside the back seam then horizontally across the ankle on one side of each shoe. Unlined and made without tongues. Copper toe–caps protect the toe of each shoe. The toe–cap is worn, but Patent Date appears to be 1859. Shoes are 5¼" long and 4½" high at highest point.

Condition: One shoe has a big 'bite' out of the leather in front at the bottom of the opening and several ragged spots higher along the opening, as well as the back seam being open at the top for about an inch—this has to have been the shoe the dog loved. The other shoe is in good condition, the leather on both shoes being slightly dried, but still pliable. Both have a wonderful aged feel to them and they are charming.

(c. 1860s)

: SOLD :
Description: A pair of child's black textured–leather high–top shoes. Six holes for lacing on each side of opening. White metal grommets in each hole with the bottom hole having a ¼" wide brass strip under the grommet that continues across the bottom of the opening to the other side. Seam with welt down the back. Another seam runs down the back off to one side of the back seam to the ankle where it turns sharply horizontal over the ankle to the front opening. Shoes are lined with linen. Copper toe–cap says "PAT. NOV 29, 1859".

Condition: There is a missing grommet on one shoe and a small ¼". cut in the leather between the missing grommet and the front opening. This is not noticeable in displaying the shoes. Shoes are in very good condition and appear to have never been worn. It is possible that they are salesman's samples, but I believe they are child's shoes.

(c. 1850s)

: $190 :
Description: A child's pair of black leather shoes from South Carolina. These shoes were most likely made by a local cobbler and are charming in their unsophisticated manufacture. No rights or lefts. Four holes for laces on each side of opening. No seam in back. Linen linings. Shoes measure 6½ inches long.

Condition: Leather is soft and pliable. There is a small amount of wear on the lower backs of each shoe and the sole of one shoe has a one inch long line where the leather had started to split. This is minor and not very noticeable. Otherwise shoes are in very good condition.

(c. 1890–1910)

: $175 :
Description: A very well made pair of high–style turn–of–the–century gentlemen's shoes. Made of a high–gloss black patent leather on the lower half with a finely woven black wool for the upper half.
There is a heavy worsted cotton tape loop (with the name "James A. Bannister Co" woven into it) at the top back of each shoe for pulling the shoes on.
These outrageous and stylish shoes measure 12" long to tip of pointed toe, and stand 6¾" high at the back.

Condition: Very good to excellent. There are some small areas of minor 'marring' of the patent leather on the heels and side of each shoe. This is not noticeable except upon close inspection.

(c. 1830–60)

: $220 :
Description: A darling pair of very early child's shoes made of red morocco in the back half and soft black leather in the front half. These little shoes fasten with an early small flat round brass (one–piece) button, stamped with a flower design. They are edged around the top and opening with red ribbon, and are lined with linen. Made with straight lasts, no rights or lefts. The toes are gently rounded. There are not vertical seams in the heels. There are short 'cuts' in the black leather running down from the top opening. These 'cuts' do not appear to be tears from pressure on the opening, but rather seem to have been purposefully put there to allow the foot to enter more easily. The leather is cut very clean and the lining below is also cleanly cut in the same spot, not torn. The shoes measure 4¾" long and are 2" high at the front top.

Condition: Children's shoes this early are rare and hard to find, and these are wonderful examples in very good condition.

(c. 1830–40s)

: $320 :
Description: A soft camel–colored leather slipper with a subtle embossed overall pattern. Flat sole with very narrow squared toe. No right or left. Lined in fine light beige linen. The original narrow beige silk ribbons are 14½" long. Shoes are edged in narrow brown silk ribbon. 9" long.

Condition: These early shoes are in wonderful condition.

(c. 1830–60s)

: $325 :
Description: A rare pair of finely made black leather mules with hand–carved oak soles ½" thick with a 1" high heel set far to back of shoe. The soft black leather uppers have a ½" wide strip of patent leather sewn down center of instep and a patent leather tip on the square toes. A thin strip of linen ¼" wide runs across the toe on the edge of the patent leather. The black leather uppers are fully lined in a soft tan leather and are attached to the thick wooden sole by numerous small nails all around the shoe/mule. Mules are 11 1/8" long and the sole is 2 ¾" wide at widest part which is ball of foot. These are a gentleman's mule or slipper, not a laborer's or farmer's clog.

Condition: A very unusual item in good condition.

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