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U.S. Marines in the Middle East, 1991
painted by Col D.J. Neary, USMCR

Desert Camouflage Utilities

AWOMAN MARINE LANCE CORPORAL is in the standard six-color "chocolate chip" desert utility uniform for daytime wear. The 50 percent cotton/50 percent nylon coat, trousers, and flat-top bush hat are worn with a brown undershirt and black leather boots. Efforts are underway to make this uniform lighter in weight and thus more comfortable. Additionally, steps have been taken to procure untilities of a three-color tan camouflage pattern which studies have shown to be superior to the present six-color pattern. A desert camouflage field jacket in the three-color pattern will be added to the desert wardrobe for wear during inclement weather. Although Marines may wear the black leather combat boots with this uniform, most opt to wear the jungle boots because of their lighter weight. Due to the threat of chemical or biological agent warfare, a carrying case containing the hooded M17A2 gas mask is worn on the left hip at all times.

Text from accompanying fact sheet by the History and Museums Division and the
Permanent Marine Corps Uniform Board.

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