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U.S. Marines in the Middle East, 1991
painted by Col D.J. Neary, USMCR

Flying Ensemble (F/A-18 Pilot)
(NBC) Defense Ensemble

AN F/A-18 PILOT IS WEARING a tri-service (Air Force/Navy/Marine Corps) Clothing Special Unit (CSU-13/P) cutaway anti-gravity garment ("G suit"). Basic survival equipment is contained in the modified Parachute Component Unit (PCU) series torso harness and Life Preserver (LPU). Flight boots with a leather upper body, steel "safety toes," and non-slip soles are an essential part of flight clothing, as is the lightweight Helmet Gear Unit (HGU 55/P). A pistol and shoulder holster are worn on his left side.

Text from accompanying fact sheet by the History and Museums Division and the
Permanent Marine Corps Uniform Board.

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